Utah Valley University Historic Photographs

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The Utah Valley University Historic Photographs collection consists of digital photographs that document various activities, courses, and people affiliated with the school, and cover from 1942 through the 1990s. The photographs were already scanned and on discs when they were donated to the George Sutherland Archives, and are scanned at various levels of quality. Some of the images duplicate those found in the Wilson W. Sorensen Photograph Collection, but most of them are not found elsewhere, making them a unique source of information about the earlier years of UVU.

1966 Basketball Game 011966 Basketball Game 01

1966 Basketball Game 021966 Basketball Game 02

1966 Basketball Game 031966 Basketball Game 03

1966 Basketball Game 041966 Basketball Game 04

1966 Basketball Game 051966 Basketball Game 05

1966 Basketball Game 061966 Basketball Game 06

1966 Basketball Game 071966 Basketball Game 07

1966 Basketball Game 081966 Basketball Game 08

1966 Basketball game 091966 Basketball game 09

Aerial of new UVU Orem CampusAerial of new UVU Orem Campus

Aerial of original UVU Campus SiteAerial of original UVU Campus Site

Aerial view of Fairgrounds Campus 1944Aerial view of Fairgrounds Campus 1944

Aircraft MechanicsAircraft Mechanics

Aircraft Mechanics class 1941 (01)Aircraft Mechanics class 1941 (01)

Aircraft Mechanics class 1941 (02) second copyAircraft Mechanics class 1941 (02) second copy

Aircraft Mechanics duplicate of previous photo, lesser qualityAircraft Mechanics duplicate of previous photo, lesser quality

Aircraft Mechanics studentsAircraft Mechanics students

Amusement Park entering rideAmusement Park entering ride

Amusement Park Roller CoasterAmusement Park Roller Coaster

Amusement Park Spook AlleyAmusement Park Spook Alley

Amusement Park Tilt-A-WhirlAmusement Park Tilt-A-Whirl


Auto Body Collision Repair car doorAuto Body Collision Repair car door

Auto RepairAuto Repair

Auto Repair rotor/brakesAuto Repair rotor/brakes

Auto Repair tireAuto Repair tire

Auto Repair under the hoodAuto Repair under the hood

Auto Repair under vehicleAuto Repair under vehicle

Backman FoundryBackman Foundry


Baseball PlayerBaseball Player

Basketball Team PhotoBasketball Team Photo

C.U.V.S becomes a State InstitutionC.U.V.S becomes a State Institution

Cafeteria patronsCafeteria patrons

Cafeteria tablescapeCafeteria tablescape

Carpentry class chop sawCarpentry class chop saw

Carpentry class drill pressCarpentry class drill press

Carpentry class fileCarpentry class file

Carpentry class router 01Carpentry class router 01

Carpentry class router 02Carpentry class router 02

Carpentry class tool beltCarpentry class tool belt

Central Utah Vocational School (01)Central Utah Vocational School (01)

Central Utah Vocational School (02) second copyCentral Utah Vocational School (02) second copy

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building complete but no landscapingCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building complete but no landscaping

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building side view with no wallsCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building side view with no walls

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building without doors or widowsCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, building without doors or widows

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, cement pourCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, cement pour

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, cement smoothingCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, cement smoothing

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, construction far viewCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, construction far view

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, Crane close upCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, Crane close up

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, desks in unfinished buildingCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, desks in unfinished building

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, diesels hauling construction materialsCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, diesels hauling construction materials

Central Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, digging a trenchCentral Utah Vocational School, new Provo Campus, digging a trench

Central Utah Vocational School, Planning meetingCentral Utah Vocational School, Planning meeting

Child Care Center abacusChild Care Center abacus

Child Care Center abacus multiple childrenChild Care Center abacus multiple children

Child Care Center childrenChild Care Center children

Child Care Center pianoChild Care Center piano

Child Care Center pinwheelChild Care Center pinwheel

Collision Repair Auto BodyCollision Repair Auto Body

Collision Repair Auto Body dent fillingCollision Repair Auto Body dent filling

Collision Repair Auto Body dent repairCollision Repair Auto Body dent repair

Collision Repair bufferCollision Repair buffer

Collision Repair hoodCollision Repair hood

Collision Repair rotary toolCollision Repair rotary tool

Commencement Exercises outdoors 01 podiumCommencement Exercises outdoors 01 podium

Commencement Exercises outdoors 02 student bodyCommencement Exercises outdoors 02 student body

Commencement Exercises outdoors 03 stairsCommencement Exercises outdoors 03 stairs

Commencement Exercises Yellow Cap and Gown 01Commencement Exercises Yellow Cap and Gown 01

Commencement Exercises Yellow Cap and Gown with President Higbee 02Commencement Exercises Yellow Cap and Gown with President Higbee 02

Commercial Art Class 1952 (01)Commercial Art Class 1952 (01)

Costume Design classroomCostume Design classroom

Costume Design cutting fabricCostume Design cutting fabric

Costume Design instructorCostume Design instructor

Costume Design sewing formCostume Design sewing form

Dental Assisting patient careDental Assisting patient care

Dental Assisting Prosthetics LabDental Assisting Prosthetics Lab

Dental Assisting student at counterDental Assisting student at counter

Dental Assisting X-RayDental Assisting X-Ray

Diesel MechanicsDiesel Mechanics

Diesel Mechanics BUDA engineDiesel Mechanics BUDA engine

Diesel Mechanics engineDiesel Mechanics engine

Diesel Mechanics heavy equipmentDiesel Mechanics heavy equipment

Diesel Mechanics large gearDiesel Mechanics large gear

Diesel Mechanics shopDiesel Mechanics shop

Diesel Mechanics wrenchDiesel Mechanics wrench

Drafting Blueprint equipmentDrafting Blueprint equipment

Drafting classroomDrafting classroom

Drafting classroom double exposureDrafting classroom double exposure

Drafting classroom early yearsDrafting classroom early years

Drafting classroom Provo CampusDrafting classroom Provo Campus

Drafting classroom with Russell Black InstructorDrafting classroom with Russell Black Instructor

Drafting equipmentDrafting equipment

Drafting female studentDrafting female student

Drafting male studentDrafting male student

Drafting mechanicalDrafting mechanical

Drafting student in wheelchairDrafting student in wheelchair

Drafting templateDrafting template

Driver Training carDriver Training car

Driver Training classroomDriver Training classroom

Driver Training simulationDriver Training simulation

Driver Training simulatorDriver Training simulator

Electrical and AutomationElectrical and Automation


Electronics circuit testingElectronics circuit testing

Electronics classroom circuit panelElectronics classroom circuit panel

Electronics control panelElectronics control panel

Electronics control panel inspectionElectronics control panel inspection

Electronics equipmentElectronics equipment

Electronics equipment panelElectronics equipment panel

Electronics generatorElectronics generator

Electronics InstructorElectronics Instructor

Electronics student with circuit boardElectronics student with circuit board

Electronics studentsElectronics students

Electronics testingElectronics testing

Electronics text bookElectronics text book

Electronics voltage measurementElectronics voltage measurement

Engine RepairEngine Repair

Explorer ScoutsExplorer Scouts

Explorer Scouts building modelExplorer Scouts building model

Fairgrounds CampusFairgrounds Campus

Fairgrounds Campus (second Copy - Aerial view of college)Fairgrounds Campus (second Copy - Aerial view of college)

Fairgrounds Campus AerialFairgrounds Campus Aerial

Farmall TractorFarmall Tractor


Female MechanicsFemale Mechanics

Fireman Training gas maskFireman Training gas mask

Fireman Training gearFireman Training gear

Fireman Training gearFireman Training gear

Fireman Training vehicleFireman Training vehicle

Ford Falcon front endFord Falcon front end

Ford Falcon rear endFord Falcon rear end

Graduation CeremonyGraduation Ceremony


Hydraulic lift of carHydraulic lift of car

Lineman Training bucket truckLineman Training bucket truck

Lineman Training female studentLineman Training female student

Lineman Training pole climbingLineman Training pole climbing

Machine ShopMachine Shop

Machine Shop 1944Machine Shop 1944

Machine Shop equipmentMachine Shop equipment

Machine Shop latheMachine Shop lathe

Machine Shop Milwaukee machineMachine Shop Milwaukee machine

Machine Shop President SorensonMachine Shop President Sorenson

Machine Shop Reed Prentice latheMachine Shop Reed Prentice lathe

Machine Shop small equipmentMachine Shop small equipment

Machine Shop small equipment triangleMachine Shop small equipment triangle

Machine Shop toolMachine Shop tool

Machine Shop/Electrical clocksMachine Shop/Electrical clocks

Machine Shop/Electrical small instrumentMachine Shop/Electrical small instrument

Mechanics engine (1)Mechanics engine (1)

Mechanics engine (2)Mechanics engine (2)

Mechanics equipmentMechanics equipment

Mechanics inspectionMechanics inspection

Mechanics instrument panelMechanics instrument panel

Mechanics latheMechanics lathe

Mechanics test gauge panelMechanics test gauge panel

Miss U.T.C.Miss U.T.C.

Miss U.V.S.C.Miss U.V.S.C.



Nursing patient childNursing patient child

Nursing Student at besideNursing Student at beside

Nursing Student group photoNursing Student group photo

Nursing Student mirror reflectionNursing Student mirror reflection

Nursing Student portrait blondNursing Student portrait blond

Nursing Student portrait brunette (2)Nursing Student portrait brunette (2)

Nursing Student portrait brunette(1)Nursing Student portrait brunette(1)

Nursing Student with babyNursing Student with baby

Nursing Student with childNursing Student with child

Nursing StudentsNursing Students

Nursing Students at bedsideNursing Students at bedside

Nursing Students blood pressureNursing Students blood pressure

Nursing trayNursing tray

Office Education copy machineOffice Education copy machine

Office Education headsetOffice Education headset

Office Education typewriterOffice Education typewriter

Old GeneratorOld Generator

Painting lambsPainting lambs

Painting landscapePainting landscape

Painting portraitPainting portrait

People at meetingPeople at meeting

People in FoundryPeople in Foundry

People in workshopPeople in workshop

Photo shoot at mirrorPhoto shoot at mirror

Photo shoot set-upPhoto shoot set-up

Playing Ping PongPlaying Ping Pong

Plumber's ApprenticePlumber's Apprentice

President SorensonPresident Sorenson

Provo CampusProvo Campus

Provo Campus construction 1961 (01)Provo Campus construction 1961 (01)

Provo Campus construction 1961 (02) second copyProvo Campus construction 1961 (02) second copy

Provo Campus construction 1961 (03) third copyProvo Campus construction 1961 (03) third copy

Provo Campus construction equipmentProvo Campus construction equipment

Provo Campus construction exteriorProvo Campus construction exterior

Provo Campus construction interiorProvo Campus construction interior

Provo Campus construction interior wallProvo Campus construction interior wall

Provo Campus construction phaseProvo Campus construction phase

Provo Campus construction plans review (01)Provo Campus construction plans review (01)

Provo Campus construction plans review (02) second copyProvo Campus construction plans review (02) second copy

Provo Campus construction sawProvo Campus construction saw

Provo Campus construction trussesProvo Campus construction trusses

Radiology StudentsRadiology Students

Radiology X-RaysRadiology X-Rays

Recording EquipmentRecording Equipment

Refrigeration clampRefrigeration clamp

Refrigeration EquipmentRefrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration ViceRefrigeration Vice

Refrigeration wrenchRefrigeration wrench

Registration 1958Registration 1958

Rodeo participantRodeo participant

Royalty FloatRoyalty Float

School Dance couplesSchool Dance couples

School Dance groupSchool Dance group

School of Business and Wilson W. SorensonSchool of Business and Wilson W. Sorenson

School of Business classroomSchool of Business classroom

School of Business female studentSchool of Business female student

School of Business mock interviewSchool of Business mock interview

School of Business students (01)School of Business students (01)

School of Business students (02) second copySchool of Business students (02) second copy

School of Business typewriterSchool of Business typewriter

Sewing ClassSewing Class

Sewing classroomSewing classroom

Sewing DressSewing Dress

Sewing MachineSewing Machine

Sewing SuitSewing Suit

Sheet Metal classSheet Metal class

Sheet Metal layoutSheet Metal layout


Sorensen in Corn fieldSorensen in Corn field

Student Center Orem CampusStudent Center Orem Campus

Student groupStudent group

Student group of 2Student group of 2

Student group of 3Student group of 3

Student group of 7Student group of 7

Student photoStudent photo

Student pictureStudent picture

Student posingStudent posing

Students in hallwayStudents in hallway

Students Roller skatingStudents Roller skating

Students talkingStudents talking

Studying at Table readingStudying at Table reading

Studying at Table writingStudying at Table writing

Studying on floorStudying on floor

Studying on grassStudying on grass

Taking a TestTaking a Test


Teacher and studentTeacher and student

Trade ExploratoryTrade Exploratory

Trade Exploratory classroomTrade Exploratory classroom

Trade Exploratory one on oneTrade Exploratory one on one

Trade Exploratory small groupTrade Exploratory small group

Trades - Auto MechanicsTrades - Auto Mechanics

Trades - Auto Mechanics Distributor testingTrades - Auto Mechanics Distributor testing

Trades - Auto Mechanics engine repairTrades - Auto Mechanics engine repair

Trades - Auto Mechanics engine repairTrades - Auto Mechanics engine repair

Trades - Driver Training reflectionTrades - Driver Training reflection

Trades - Driver Training TruckTrades - Driver Training Truck

Trades - Machine ShopTrades - Machine Shop

Trades - Refrigeration and Air ConditioningTrades - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Trades - wood shop molding machineTrades - wood shop molding machine

Trades - woodshopTrades - woodshop

Trades - woodshop routerTrades - woodshop router

Trades Exploratory programTrades Exploratory program

Two women at a tableTwo women at a table


Typing - Calculating MachineTyping - Calculating Machine

Typing - IBM TypewriterTyping - IBM Typewriter

Typing - Royal TypewriterTyping - Royal Typewriter

Typing Adding Machine classTyping Adding Machine class

Typing Calculating Machine classTyping Calculating Machine class

Typing classTyping class

Typing Friden Calculating machineTyping Friden Calculating machine

Typing studentTyping student

Typing student - transcriptionTyping student - transcription

Typing using Adding MachinesTyping using Adding Machines

Under the hoodUnder the hood

Utah Central Vocational SchoolUtah Central Vocational School

Utah Technical College - OremUtah Technical College - Orem

Utah Technical College - ProvoUtah Technical College - Provo

Utah Technical College - ProvoUtah Technical College - Provo

Utah Technical College - Provo (2)Utah Technical College - Provo (2)

Utah Technical College - Provo east wingUtah Technical College - Provo east wing

Utah Technical College - Provo front entranceUtah Technical College - Provo front entrance

Utah Technical College - Provo signUtah Technical College - Provo sign

Utah Trade Technical Institute - Front EntranceUtah Trade Technical Institute - Front Entrance

Utah Trade Technical Institute - North WingUtah Trade Technical Institute - North Wing

UTC Basketball players 01UTC Basketball players 01

UTC Basketball players 02UTC Basketball players 02

UTC vs. USU Basketball GameUTC vs. USU Basketball Game

Volleyball GameVolleyball Game


Walkway with StudentsWalkway with Students


Welding - long pipeWelding - long pipe

Welding - overhead workWelding - overhead work

Welding - small groupWelding - small group

Welding - small pipeWelding - small pipe

Welding Class - 1941Welding Class - 1941

Welding ClassroomWelding Classroom

Welding MaskWelding Mask

Welding ProjectWelding Project

Welding sparks flyingWelding sparks flying

Welding StudentWelding Student

Welding Student at tableWelding Student at table

Welding student inspecting workWelding student inspecting work

Welding student using a torchWelding student using a torch

Welding Student with plaid shirtWelding Student with plaid shirt

Welding with brick supportWelding with brick support

Welding worksWelding works

Windshield replacementWindshield replacement

Women's BasketballWomen's Basketball

Wood Trades - Explorer ScoutsWood Trades - Explorer Scouts

Wood Trades - podiumWood Trades - podium

Utah Valley University Historic Photographs