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Accession Records

Accession Number (date)





IP 2007.10.11.1

Kim Rollins collection


0.5 Linear feet

A collection of CDs and papers from Kim Rollins

IP 2008.04.15.1

Ronda Walker Weaver collection of Folklore class student projects


5.0 Linear feet

4 boxes of student Folklore projects from Ronda Walker Weaver

IP 2008.12.02.1

Ronda Walker Weaver 9/11 folklore papers


2.0 Linear feet

3 boxes of folklore projects by students, including many on the 9/11 attacks, from Ronda Walker Weaver.

IP 2009.01.01.1

Dr. Kathy French collection of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemoration materials


1.0 linear foot

1 box of newspapers

IP 2009.02.01.1

Kathleen Hill collection of materials from the Office of School, College, & University Partnerships


1.0 linear foot

1 box of UVSC/UVU flyers about events (including the opening of the Fulton Library), and plans for the Wasatch Campus. From the Office of School, College, & University Partnerships, donated by Kathleen Hill, retired Administrative Assistant of that office.

IP 2009.04.30.1

Rhonda Walker and Tamra Fritze collection of student folklore projects


2.0 boxes

Collection of various student folklore projects in individual 67 folders/binders, 6 cassette tapes and some loose papers

IP 2009.07.21.1

Barry Maxfield collection


2.5 Linear ft.

3 boxes of Western Railroading photos, and 1 folder of papers from Barry Maxfield.

IP 2010.01.01.1

K.D. Taylor collection


1.0 linear foot

1 box of UVU-related binders, booklets, books, and floppy discs from the Office of Extended Studies, donated by K.D. Taylor (retired).

IP 2010.01.15.1

Jane Beckwith collection of MX missile materials


4.0 Linear feet

Donated by Jane Beckwith Jane Beckwith is from Delta, UT. She and her sister Sue Dutson (who was a local newspaper editor) where very active in spreading information and protesting the MX Misslie. Jane was a High School Teacher in Delta and also a Librarian at the Delta Public Library. Jane has also done an incredible amount of work to educate and bring recognition to the Topaz Japane

IP 2011.08.03.1

Development and Alumni Relations collection of photographs.


793.0 photographs

Development and Alumni Relations collection of photographs. 1 box, 793 photos and slides.

IP 2011.10.24.1

Denece Kitto Collection of Center for the Advancement of Leadership materials


4.0 boxes

32 large folders Eleven Annual LEadership COnference programs, First through 12th Annual. 10 CAL shirts Some loose documents several student projects on leadership 1 medal 1 pen with department info CD Photoframe Pin 32 folders Some loose documents Awards and medals

IP 2011.12.06.1

Dr. Dick Chappell Collection


1.0 box

Box containing awards earned and newspaper clippings collected by Dr. Dick Chappell

IP 2012.01.01.1

UVU Events disc collection


1.5 Linear feet

1 box containing 4 drawers of CDs -- mostly recordings of UVU events, with some software.

IP 2012.02.24.1

Ruben Gurule Collection of Geneva Steel Materials


1.0 box

Collection of 5 Geneva Steel binders and some loose papers of operator training materials

IP 2012.04.01.1

Deaf Assistive Technology


28.0 item

Deaf assistive technologies including teletype writers, video phones, light up alarm clocks, signaling devices and closed caption decoders, closed caption television

IP 2012.04.15.1

Wasatch Campus Collection


32.0 items

1 large folder containing recruitment materials, class catalogues and schedules for Wasatch Campus 16 event flyers 15 event posters

IP 2012.04.20.1

Utah Valley University Honors Society Materials


1.0 box

Department posters advertising events and conferences. Ancient Philosophy Society 2011 meeting proceedings and minutes.

IP 2012.12.12.1

Dr. Briant Farnsworth papers


2.0 boxes

2 boxes of folders/books from Dr. Briant Farnsworth, retiring Dean of Education

IP 2013.08.28.1

Utah Valley Hospital collection


10.5 Linear feet

Approximately 52 large plastic binders, organized by year, containing news stories and hospital-related advertisements from area newspapers. One box contains loose photographs, slides, and negatives that are in no particular order.

IP 2013.10.25.1

Val Hale Collection of Institutional Advancement Materials


2.0 folders

2 folders containing plans, memos, coorispondence, etc for UVUPhoria, Library Ribbin cutting and UVU University Status

IP 2013.12.20.1

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs materials


3.0 boxes

8 large folders organized chronologically by year of various recruitment materials used by the Enrollment Management department. Duplicates from 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 were removed. One CD of UVU Cultural Envoy to China; One Lexar thumb drive containing: electronic copies of the Guatemala Project booklet and the Samoa project booklet; many folders of photographs o

IP 2014.01.09.1

Bruce H. Jensen Collection of Orem Campus Master Planning Materials


6.0 boxes

Mostly print materials dealing with the master planning of the Orem campus of Utah Technical College. There are also several boxes of slides created for presentations to various building boards, etc. There are some copies of newspapers and newspaper articles regarding the groundbreaking and building of the Orem campus of UTC.

IP 2014.04.23.1

Deadwood Dick Library collection


1.0 box

24 Volumes of dime novels from "the Deadwood Dick Library"

IP 2014.04.24.1

Board of Trustees Agendas


20.0 binders

6 cartons of Binders of Board of Trustees Agendas

IP 2014.04.24.2

Board of Trustees Minutes


2.0 binders

2 binders of Board Of Trustees minutes gifted from office of the president

IP 2014.04.28.1

Marva Loy Eggett Collection of Chief Black Hawk Research Materials


5.0 boxes

There are five boxes of materials that Mrs. Eggett has collected over the years dealing with her research about Ute Chief Black Hawk, who lived in the area of Spring Lake, Utah, where Mrs. Eggett lives today. The materials are not primary sources, but have been collected from her many research trips throughout Utah and elsewhere looking for information about Chief Black Hawk.

IP 2014.04.28.2

Bruce Plenk Collection of Utah Peace and Social Justice Activism Materials AR 950Ple


5.0 boxes

This collection consists of four boxes of materials dealing with peace and justice activism. There are legal documents, newspaper clippings, demonstration planning notes, and similar items.

IP 2014.06.05.1

K.D. Taylor Collection of The School of General Academics records


3.0 boxes

71 journals 1 book 8 floppy disks 10 binders of departmental reports, self studies, commitee meeting notes etc.

IP 2014.06.06.1

K.D. Taylor papers


2.0 boxes

Donation from the office of K.D. Taylor, retiring GA Dean

IP 2014.06.13.1

University College records


35.0 Linear ft.

Materials from University College during the time it was known as General Academics

IP 2014.06.18.1

William Cobb Jr. Collection


6.0 Linear ft.

Box 1 has 5 folders, Box 2 has approximately 44 folders, Box 3 has approximately 44 folders. There will be more boxes arriving for this collections, so a final extent and container summary cannot be determined yet. Box 1 contains folders of emails and documents relating to Dr. Cobb's time as Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), in particular papers dealing with e

IP 2014.06.24.1

Department of Planning, Budget, and HR donation of Campus Accreditation Files


6.0 boxes

95 Binders and folders of self studies and accreditation reports from all departments on campus

IP 2014.06.26.1

Planning, Budget, and Human Resources Campus Accreditation Files

1974-2009 1974-2009

4.0 boxes

Primarily reports and records of in-house program reviews and self-studies of the various campus departments and boards of Utah Valley Technical College, Utah Valley Community College, Utah Valley State College, and Utah Valley University, 1974-2009.

IP 2014.06.27.1

Marilyn Cobb, retiring employee in Administrative Programming. UVU Information Technology (IT) Administrative Programming Documents.


1.0 box


IP 2014.06.30.1

Hyunmee Lee Exhibit Catalogues


9.0 book

Hyunmee Lee Exhibit Catalogues Nine Art catalogues and exhibit programs of the art of Hyunmee Lee 2- 30.5 cm 2- 28 cm 5- 20.5 cm

IP 2014.07.01.1

Extended Studies Papers


1.0 box

These are a combination of memoranda, annual reports, self-studies, procedures, and meeting notes from the UVU department formerly known as Continuing Education, now known as Extended Studies. They were given to the Archives by retiring director of Extended Studies, Robert Burns, on September 25, 2013.

IP 2014.07.30.1

Ian Wilson collection of Woodbury Business School Historical Materials


1.0 box

79 photos 4 photo scrapbook pages 15 slides 22 photo negatives 2 newspaper article scrapbooks 1 penant 9 reports on Board of Regence Announcements Wasatch Campus plans UTC Stategic plans 1986-92 Class Porposals (Aviation, Greece, Business in Kiev) 2 copies of UTC Business newletter LAMBDA business Fraternity newsletter Teacher of the Year announcements Various newspaper

IP 2014.08.02.1

Jim Michaelis papers

circa circa

10.0 Linear feet

10 boxes of materials relating to the construction and maintenance of various buildings on UVU Campus from Jim Michaelis.

IP 2014.08.27.1

Fawn Walker artifact collection

collected 1950's donated circa 1996

7.0 boxes and 1 bag

1 bag (2 large metal platters) and 7 boxes, together containing the following: 16 pieces of jewelry 8 metal stemware vessels 2 metal mugs 1 metal goblet 3 metal bowls 1 wooden head 1 wooden mask 1 Japanese ceramic vase 1 Dervish statue 1 wooden jewelry box 1 address book Donated to library circa 1996 (donated by Keith Rowley 2014-08-27)

IP 2014.09.05.1

Keith Rowley Collection of UVU Campus and Library Materials


6.0 linear ft

Materials donated by Keith Rowley, retiring librarian at UVU, Fall 2014. Two large binders (Strategic Directions Advisory Committee agendas, meeting notes, presentation notes, etc. for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008) and one small bound report (UVU At A Glance, 2008, by UVU INstitutional Research and Information,) 1 videocassette, 1 group of reference schedules from Summer 2008 to Fall 20

IP 2014.09.23.1

Harry Bolam Photographs


9.0 photographs

Nine 8" x 10" color photographs by Harry Bolam, mounted on mat board. Photos were taken in the 1965 approximately. Photos are of the old Saltair resort and buildings near the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake County, Utah.

IP 2014.10.21.1

Utah Association of the Deaf Collection


10.0 boxes

The Utah Association of the Deaf is a non-profit organization dedicated to the educational, social and economic welfare of the Deaf in Utah. It was established in 1909. The UAD was responsible for the establishment of the Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Utah Interpreter Service, the Interpreting Training Program at Salt Lake Community College, the Utah

IP 2014.10.30.1

Concurrent Enrollment Materials


1.0 box

7 t-shirts 1 folder of Concurrent Enrollment related materials

IP 2014.11.05.1

Shirley H. Platt Deaf Athletetics Collection


14.0 boxes

The collection contained mostly information on the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD). It had information on the 1993 Deaf Olympics in Bulgaria. It has physical artifacts, isntruction manuals, books, financial documents, and other records pertaining to the AAAD and its subdivisions. This collecction also contained some items of Deaf culture not related to sports.

IP 2014.11.07.1

J. Clayton Tullis Utah State Capitol Collection


4.0 Linear ft.

Thirty vintage postcards ranging in date from approximately 1920 through 1995, and one lithograph 2 ft. by 3 ft. dating 1995. ALl depict the Utah State Capitol Building.

IP 2014.12.08.1

Jesse Clark Collection of Charles Ellis Johnson Photographs


1.0 box

61 Black and White Photos 8"x 4.5" by Charles Ellis Johnson. Many places around Salt Lake including Brigham Young Monument, Saltair Palace and Beach, as well as Jubilee Floats.

IP 2014.12.10.1

Anonymous Donation (delivered through the UVU Foundation to Olivia Wilkinson, circulation supervisor.) No names given nor any supporting documentation.


8.0 folders

5 1/2 x 8 3/4 booklet of photo post cards with messages and signatures; stock certificate; several letters; land deed; 2 pamphlets; excerpt from the Womens Exponent magazine;

IP 2014.12.18.2

Lyndon W. Cook Jr. Collection of Charles Ellis Johnson Photographs


2.0 scrapbook

Black and White Photos 8 x 4.5" Donation consists of 2 binders. Binder one contains 62 photographs, binder two contains 53 photos.

IP 2015.01.01.1

Daily Herald photonegatives collection


16.5 Linear feet

33 short, long boxes of photonegatives from the Daily Herald

IP 2015.04.01.1

William Cobb class papers


3.0 Linear feet

2 boxes of papers related to the Vietnam War, and 1 box of VHS tapes about Vietnamese women soldiers created by Mel Halbach at the University of Utah, gift of William Cobb

IP 2015.09.15.1

Utah Fire and Rescue Academy records


4.0 Linear feet

4 boxes of slides, CDs, and photos from Utah Fire and Rescue Academy.

IP 2015.11.11.1

Academic Affairs papers

1980-2010 1980-2010

4.5 Linear feet

5 boxes of office materials and miscellaneous items from Academic Affairs.

IP 2015.11.12.1

Melinda Colton papers


4.0 Linear feet

4 boxes of newspaper clippings in binders, and office materials from Melinda Colton, in Marketing & Public Relations

IP 2015.12.09.1

Jane Beckwith MX Missle Materials

Circa 1979-2015, Bulk, 1980-1989

14.0 folders

Contains newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, small booklets, books, statements, water protests, magazines, and government documents. The topcis are mostly about how the MX missle would impact the environment.

IP 2016.01.07.1

UVU's Capitol Reef Field Station

2000-2012, Bulk 1987

2.0 boxes

52 folders, CDs, records, booklets, brochures, maps

IP 2016.04.28.1

Woodbury Art Museum collection


0.5 Linear feet

1 box containing 1 book of artwork showcased at the Woodbury Art Museum in 2015, gift of Melisa Hempel

IP 2016.06.01.1

Shirley Platt papers


18.0 boxes and 1 item

18 boxes of media, mostly binders and pamphlets, plus one electric word processor, from Shirley Platt

IP 2016.06.03.1

Shirley Platt papers


8.0 Linear feet

8 boxes of materials related to deaf history, donated by Shirley Platt.

IP 2016.10.18.1

Alumni Board, (Also Heritage Club banquet, Golf Tournament)


9.0 binders

9 binders from IUVU Alumni association.

IP 2016.11.08.1

Roots of Knowledge collection


8.5 Linear ft.

5 boxes of glass re-cuts, 2 boxes of concept art, pamphlets, and artifacts related to the Roots of Knowledge exhibit. Gift of Holdman Studios

IP 2016.11.18.1

Ray Walker papers


1.0 linear foot

1 box of books from Ray Walker, of the Office of Information Technology

IP 2016.12.02.1

Shirley Platt papers


1.0 linear foot

1 box of materials related to deafness from Shirley Platt

IP 2017.01.20.1

Institutional Research & Information records


1.0 linear foot

1 box of UTC/UVSC enrollment records from Institutional Research & Information, complied by Doug Warner, retired head of Institutional Research & Information.

IP 2017.03.07.1

Doug Warner papers


3.5 Linear ft.

4 boxes of office materials from retired V.P. of Finance and Administration at UVU, Doug Warner

IP 2017.03.07.2

Doug Warner collection of Michael Moore event materials


1.0 box

Materials from the office of the V.P. of Finance and Administration related to the Michael Moore speaking engagement on campus in 2004

IP 2017.03.13.1

Student Life records


2.0 boxes and a bag

2 boxes of UVU-branded clothing, 1 bag containing additional bags, from Student Life

IP 2017.03.29.1

Wilson W. Sorensen collection

circa 1965-2007

11.5 Linear ft.

4 boxes of awards and photographs, 2 framed photographs, a banner, nameplate, and desk of Wilson W. Sorensen, 2nd President of Utah Valley State College. Gift of Kent Sorensen.

IP 2017.05.17.1

Add to Matthew Holland papers



1 box with framed photographs, 3 scrolls in containers, various papers, and a case full of CDs. Additional materials: 2018-09-05: 6 large boxes of artifacts and papers, 4 oversized flat items (framed jersey, poster, certificate, card), 7 groundbreakingshovels, 1 airplane propeller. 2018-10-31: 3 photo books of President Holland created by Paige Holland.

IP 2017.06.01.1

Vince Miner papers


1.0 linear foot

1 box of binders from professor Vince Miner

IP 2017.07.05.1

Don A. Carpenter papers


1.0 linear foot

1 box of materials from Associate Commissioner of Utah State Board of Regents, Don A. Carpenter

IP 2017.07.12.1

Jodi Kinner collection of Utah Deaf Association materials


1.0 linear foot

1 box of photographs and pamphlets related to deafness, gift of Jodi Kinner, of the UDA

IP 2017.07.28.1

Val Peterson papers


15.5 Linear feet

12 boxes of papers, 2 boxes of floppy disks & CDs, 1 box of bottles, and 1 box of other miscellaneous items from Val Peterson.

IP 2017.08.08.1

JaNae Brown Haas papers


1.0 bag

1 bag of materials donated by retired professor JaNae Brown Haas

IP 2017.08.18.1

Library records


17.0 Linear ft.

12 boxes of materials related to the UVU Library

IP 2017.08.21.1

UVU Eclipse 08-21-2017


1.0 box

Materials related to the UVU Eclipse event Poster, buttons, flyers, eclipse glasses, tee shirt, etc. Also digital images (BOX)

IP 2017.11.15.01

American Association of University Women

1991/2005, bulk 2004.


Donated by Cheryl Hanewicz. Banner, gavel (1991), 4 pins, CD with handbook and bylaws (April 2004), 1 folder including correspondence, directory, event attendees, and newsletter (

IP 2018.10.31.01

Astrid Tuminez papers


1 letter, 4 CDS and 1 book

Letter, 4 CDS and a book from James Oneil Miner

IP 2018.11.13.01

Matthew Holland Correspondance to add



29 letters, (some with encolsures) from President Holland to various recipients.

IP 2019.02.13

Criminal Justice Department Law Society Scrapbook


1.0 scrapbook

3 ring bound scrapbook with photographs and other Law Society materials. Donated by Jennyfer Caede

IP 2019.02.19.01

Add Instututinal Advancement records



From Julie Stowe - institutional advancement. 2 copies of Making The Difference newsletter (2018, 2019) and 1 manuscript "To Shape the Future," (ca. 1994)

IP 2019.02.26.01

Val Peterson - Add

circa 1993-2004

1.0 carton

15 gold pens, 2 green pens, 3 ties, 1 pair of gloves, 2 keychains, 2 pins, 1 pair of golf gloves, 1 hat pin, 2 license plate frames, 4 bound items, 5 additional items.

IP 2019.03.04.01

Form letter from National Woman's Relief Society regarding great war food supply


2.0 pages

From the Miller donation. Form letter from the National Woman's Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints during World War I. Letter urges frugality with food, food preservation, food growing, and announcing potoato-growing contest with cash prizes.

IP 2019.03.07.01

Marketing - add



marketing flyers, mailers, pilice hangtags, calendar, CD/DVDs of campus events and media, including Michael Moore speech, 2004