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50 Year Utah Jubilee Parade


Photographs taken during the 50 Year Utah Jubilee Parade, Salt Lake City, Utah, and portraits from the Johnson Portrait Sudio.

Commencement Programs


The Utah Valley University Commencement Programs collection is comprised of the printed programs prepared for the graduation ceremonies held each year.  Our collection runs from 1955 to the present, with the exception of the 1960s,  for which we currently have no programs.

Our holdings represent the ceremonies held at the various incarnations of the school: the Central Utah Vocational School; Utah Technical College; Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem; Utah Valley Community College; Utah Valley State College; and Utah Valley University.

Deaf Assistive Technology Exhibit


Selected items from the "Deaf Technology Through The Ages" display in the George Sutherland Archives, Spring 2012.

Harry Bolam Saltair Photographs


The Harry Bolam Saltair Photographs collection consists of nine photographs taken of the old Saltair resort on the shores of the Great Salt Lake by Harry Bolam. The photographs were taken in approximately 1965, when the resort was abandoned and delapidated, but before it finally burned to the ground in an arson fire in 1970.

Roots Of Knowledge


The Roots of Knowledge art glass window showcases humanity’s pursuit of knowledge since the dawn of recorded time. The influence these advancements have on our present day quest for knowledge reminds us that we too, can impact the learning process of future generations.

This stained glass masterpiece not only serves as a stunning piece of art, but a tangible reminder that as a human race, we are undeniably connected. Each piece of glass is individually crafted and plays a vital role in the overall wonder of the window just as each person, no matter how insignificant they feel, adds beauty and purpose to this world.


Wilson W. Sorensen Photographs


The Wilson W. Sorensen photograph collection contains images that trace the history of UVU from 1942 to 1982.  Wilson W. Sorensen was president of the school during that time, and donated these photographs that document the changing missions, and many names, of the school, from Central Utah Vocational School and Utah Trade & Technical Institute, to Utah Technical College at Provo to Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem. After President Sorensen retired in 1982, the school became Utah Valley Community College, then Utah Valley State College, and now Utah Valley University.